Monday, December 7, 2009

Target $10 gift card for new/transferred Rx; multiple Rx OK!

Target sales flyers this week have a coupon for a $10 gift for bringing them a new/transferred prescription. It's at bottom of page 39 of the 42-page ad that was in Sunday newspapers on Dec. 6. You can also ask for one at the customer service desk in the next few days. But do so early in the week as they tend to run out early when there are Rx coupons in them.

MULTIPLES? As long as you bring a separate coupon for each prescription you bring them, they will give you no trouble about getting a $10 gift card for each one.

EXPIRES: Dec. 21, 2009.

* CVS (unlimited; especially in central Ohio where they will take them with refills as well as transfers),
* Kmart (one a day/week depending on pharmacist).

* Giant Eagle -- once every six months;
* Kroger -- 1 a day and might be a lifetime limit of 3 or 4 times in some areas such as Ohio/Michigan.

Kmart: $10 gift card with new or transferred Rx

There's an Rx coupon in the Kmart sales flyer this week (arrived in some bags on Saturday, Dec. 5; newspaper on Sunday, Dec. 6; and in stores throughout the week ahead). Coupon is at bottom of Page 44 of 48-page sales flyer.

You can get a $10 gift card when you bring a new or transferred prescription to them from another pharmacy.

EXPIRES: 12/31/209

LIMITATIONS: "One certificate per customer." (Some Kmart pharmacists will let you use one per day or one per week, though.)

FINE PRINT CHANGE (for the better!!!): The $10 Rx coupons had been stipulating that your COPAY had to meet or exceed the $10 value to be eligible. But now they have incorporated the same language that was in earlier coupons from Kmart (for $25) -- as long as the total amount collected by Kmart from copay or insurance totals more than the gift amount, then it's fine. If not, they'll give you a gift card for whatever the amount of the copay plus what the insurance company paid. For example, if you paid $4 and the insurance paid $4, you get an $8 gift card. Or, if you had no insurance and got stuck paying the full $8, you still get an $8 gift card. And, actually, if you had no insurance, you probably got stuck paying a lot more than $8 -- more like $15 (because you don't have the benefit of the insurance company's negotiated rate with the pharmacy :-( .

* CVS (unlimited; especially in central Ohio where they will take them with refills as well as transfers),

* Giant Eagle -- once every six months;
* Kroger -- 1 a day and might be a lifetime limit of 3 or 4 times in some areas such as Ohio/Michigan.

* WalMart
* Target

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BEWARE: Giant Eagle only accepting 1 compeitor coupon per 6 months

Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, Giant Eagle has switched from taking an unlimited number of competitor coupons at their Pharmacy to accepting only ONE (1) per SIX (6) months.

As I mention in another blog posting, this is a good reason to transfer all your prescriptions away from Giant Eagle (and other pharmacies) to CVS and leave them there. Not only do CVS stores in Central Ohio honor an unlimited number of competitor coupons, but they also have a unique special that allows you to use coupons for REFILLS as well as when you bring them a new/transferred prescription.

For more, see: Best & Worst Pharmacies (for accepting competitor coupons)

NEED coupons to take with you to CVS? Well, Giant Eagle does have one in their sales flyers at a couple of locations this week with their usual "Up to $30 savings" with new/transferred Rx coupons where you earn $1 in FuelPerks for each prescription you bring them (as long as you have a separate coupon for each). It says it's valid at Blacklick location only. But CVS hasn't minded taking them outside the "greater Blacklick metro area." ;-)

These two Giant Eagles have the coupons in their sales flyers this week (inside the back page of the short wrap-around):

Blacklick Giant Eagle
6867 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43213

McCutcheon & Stelzer Giant Eagle
2900 Stelzer Road
Columbus, OH 43219

Ones in stores through today (Wednesday, Dec. 2) expire Dec. 23, 2009.
Those that will be in stores beginning on Thursday, Dec. 3 (through Wednesday, Dec. 9) expire Dec. 30, 2009.

By the way, when trying to check their "Weekly Specials" now, they've made it a little more difficult on their website to check multiple stores. You need to click "Make Primary Store" beside one and then go to "Weekly Specials" to see the specials for that store. Then if you go to the "Weekly Specials" link beside any other store, it will still show you the flyer for your Primary Store and not any other. So you have to change your Primary Store to another location and then click Weekly Specials again to see what's different at that location.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Target: $10 gift card with ANY new or transferred Rx

This week's sales flyers at Target (included in newspapers today) have a coupon worth a free $10 Target GiftCard with purchase of any new or transferred prescription.

As usual, Target doesn't limit number of prescriptions you can bring them with a coupon. Just make sure you bring a separate coupon for each one.

Expires 11/16/09.

Other stores that accept Target coupons include:
Giant Eagle, CVS, and Kroger (with one-a-day limit and some other "lifetime" limitations in "Great Lakes" region of Kroger -- Michigan and most of Ohio other than Cincy/Dayton). For details, see: Which pharmacies take competitor coupons?

Kmart: up to $10, new or transferred Rx

For the fourth week in a row, the Kmart weekly sales flyer has an Rx coupon good for:

up to $10 Gift Card

with NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription.

Same nonsense fine print detailed in previous entry. If your co-pay is less than $10, you get what you pay (even if your health insurance is paying $200 or more).

If that's the case, grab a Target coupon and go there instead (see next entry).

Expires 11/28/09.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kmart $10 gift card w/NEW or Transferred Rx; $25 w/transferred x 4

For third week in a row, the sales flyer at Kmart contains a coupon for $10 gift card with NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription to their pharmacy.

This week's coupon is in sales flyers that were in newspapers on Sunday and are still inside the stores on a stand near the entrance.

Valid through 11/14/09.

While you're visiting your local Kmart, check at the customer service counter and ask if they have any of the $25 Rx coupons. They have a brochure that says "Save up to $100" and inside is FOUR of these $25 Rx coupons good through the end of the year. These are only good for TRANSFERRED (not NEW prescriptions) unlike the $10 ones.

Most pharmacists at Kmart will take 4 of these $25 ones a month. Some more often.

On the $25 coupons, the fine print specifies that the COST of the prescription needs to exceed $25 to get the full amount; otherwise you get the COST of the prescription. And the COST is defined as total of the amount of co-pay (if any) plus what the insurer pays.

On the $10 coupons printed recently, they've gotten more picky and said that the CO-PAY needs to exceed the $10 gift card amount. Thus, if you are buying a $305 drug and you only have to pay $5 copay, they will only give you $5 gift card -- just like those who bought a $10 drug where they had a $5 copay.

Also, think twice before transferring to Kmart. If you need your drugs soon, chances are they won't have them that day. They have to order drugs half the time for me. I guess they try not to keep much in stock. And my most recent visit to Kmart, the pharmacist asked, "Why do you want to transfer? Did the pharmacist there do something wrong? No. Well, OK, I'll call these two stores and get them transferred and apologize for you that you're doing this to get a gift card from us. I'll probably be on hold with one for 20 minutes and the other for 15 minutes." Ummmm, OK. I know you are not a fan of these coupons your employer uses to get more business. But be happy you have a job, dude, especially with that attitude.

Also in the fine print on $10 coupon is "One per customer." If you catch the cooler pharmacist at Kmart, he's cool with you bringing one per week or one every day or every few days ... whatever.

Best thing to do with these? Take them to Giant Eagle, CVS, or Kroger. ;-)

And, remember, look for those brochures with the FOUR $25 coupons. If they're not at customer service counter or registers, ask at pharmacy. I saw a pile of them at the pharmacy and at the customer service desk at the Kmart on Bethel / Olentangy in Columbus.

Target $10 gift card

Sorry, this was in the Sunday newspaper 9 days ago ... and was in stores for the last day 3 days ago. But wanted to give Target credit for it. Expires Monday 11/2.

Usual $10 one. Check your recycling box. ;-)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Up to $30 savings for each new/transferred prescription to Giant Eagle

Sales flyers at a few locations of Giant Eagle in the greater Columbus area this week include a coupon worth up to $30 in free/discounted gas for each new/transferred prescription.

RESTRICTION: Good at newly-remodeled Blacklick location only.

Expires: 11/4/2009.

Target coupon today for $10 through Oct. 26

This week's TARGET sales flyer contains a coupon on page 6 that's worth a $10 gift card with purchase of any new or transferred prescription.

Coupon expires Oct. 26, 2009.

These are also accepted at Giant Eagle, CVS, Kmart (limited # per month) and Kroger (up to a lifetime limit in Ohio/Michigan region). For details, see .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Target $10 gift card for new/transferred Rx

Target sales flyers this week have Rx coupon that expire 9/21/2009. No limit. Just bring separate coupon with each new, transferred Rx.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Target $10 gift card with each new, transferred Rx

Target sales flyer this week (in stores just til end of today) offers $10 gift card for each new or transferred prescription you bring.

Separate coupon required for each, of course. Ask at customer service for extra(s). And check your recycling bin for ads in Sunday's paper last weekend. Sorry for late notice.

Expires August 10, 1965.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last call for Giant Eagle coupons?

The preview is now out (through email and on the website) of the new sales flyers for the Columbus area that arrive in mailboxes tomorrow and in stores on Thursday.

Something missing (at least at my store) is the Rx Coupon for up to $30 savings that's been in the past several issues area-wide.

So be sure to stock up on the ones in stores until Wednesday. And, if you find some at certain locations in town, please share news about them as a comment to this message.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Giant Eagle: Up to $30 (Exp. 8/19)

In Columbus, Giant Eagle sales flyers that arrived in stores today (and mailboxes 2 days ago) again contain an Rx coupon. It's on the back page.

This one expires Aug. 19.

For each NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription (you'll need a separate coupon for each), you'll earn $1 in FuelPerks that are good for at least 90 days. For each $50 you spend on Rx or groceries, you earn another 20 cents in FuelPerks.

So if you take 2 prescriptions to them with coupons and spend $100 on copays and groceries, you'll have $2.40 in FuelPerks already -- good for a FREE fillup at current $2.38ish per gallon ... Up to 30 gallons ... Gas cans permitted for what doesn't fit.

See previous posts about Giant Eagle Rx coupons for details.

Kmart: Save up to $100 -- Four $25 gift card coupons (Expire 12/31/2009)

At Kmart stores, look for or ask for a small brochure that says on the outside: "kmart pharmacy: get up to $100." Inside are four coupons for "free $25 gift card when you transfer your prescription."

Limit 4 per customer.

Expire Dec. 31, 2009.

Fine print: The total of what you pay and your health insurance pays for a prescription must exceed $25 to get full $25 gift card.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kmart: Up to $100 for transferring 4 prescriptions

In the Kmart sales flyer this week, there's a coupon that's worth up to $100 in Kmart gift cards.

For each prescription transferred to Kmart, you can earn up to $25. You can bring up to FOUR prescriptions for a total of $100 with this coupon.

As it states, the value of the gift card is not to exceed the "full retail value" of the prescription. To me, that sounds like they mean the TOTAL cost of the prescription and NOT just your Co-Pay amount. After all, if you were not using insurance, the "full retail value" would be this total amount. For example, a drug where you pay a $15 co-pay, it may have cost your health care provider another $30 for a "total retail value" of $45. To further back this up, read in the final sentence of the fine print: "The retail/insurance reimbursed value of the prescription must exceed the value of the gift card offer to qualify for the full value of the offer."

Hurry, though, it expires 7/25/09.

I can certainly understand if you buy a $10 prescription where you make a $5 co-pay, they're only going to give you $10 (or maybe $5) and not $25.

Although CVS accepts competitors coupons, I was told Monday (7/13) that they will only give $50 for 4 prescriptions brought with this coupon regardless of the co-pays or costs of the 4 prescriptions I'd transferred there. So I used different coupons. For details about "Best and Worst Pharmacies to Use Rx Coupons ... and to Use Competitor's Coupons," see .

In the fine print it says something about "Receive this special offer when you bring this certificate with the purchase of two new or transferred prescriptions" but I think that's left over boilerplate from their usual coupon that has room to write in TWO Rx#s vs. FOUR.

It seems to allow you to bring in 1, 2, 3, or 4 "new or transferred." The big print just mentions "transfer" but the fine print clearly mentions "new" prescriptions being eligible too.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Giant Eagle: Expires 8/12; Up to $30 In gas savings for each new/transferred prescription

In Columbus, the good news was in the mailbox today: Yet another weely specials circular from Giant Eagle with one of the best Rx deals. The coupon is on the back page.

For each new/transferred prescription you bring, you earn $1 in FuelPerks -- worth up to $30 in free/discounted gas. No limits. You just need a separate coupon for each Rx you bring them.

Expires 8/12/2009.

These ads that arrived in the mail today (Tuesday, 7/14) will be in stores Thirsday (8/16) to Wednesday (7/22).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Giant Eagle up to $30 per prescription new/transferred by 8/5

At Giant Eagle, sales flyers in most (if not all) Columbus area stores feature on the back page their awesome Rx coupon that lets you save up to $30 on gas per prescription new/transferred by 8/5.

No limit. You just need a separate coupon for each new/transferred prescription. That earns you $1 in FuelPerks for each. Plus another 20 cents in FuelPerks per $50 in copays and grocery purchases.

So 2 prescriptions with copays totalling $50 plus $100 in groceries earns you a FREE FILL UP already at current $2.50ish per gallon. And if your vehicle doesn't hold that much, they're cool with you bringing gas cans to fill up. Felt like a weasel til I saw people with pricey cars in Powell doing same thing with 3 cans. ;-)

Oh, and for every 10 gallons you pump (even the free ones), you earn 1% in FoodPerks -- to save on grocery/merchandise purchase. You can collect up to 20% in FoodPerks and use on purchase up to $300; thus, up to $60 savings.

Both types of Perks last at least 3 months.

Thanks, Giant Eagle! You rock!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Giant Eagle up to $30 in free/discounted fuel for each new/transferred prescription; no limit

Giant Eagle has been widely promoting the return of their "$1 in FuelPerks (up to $30 value)" Rx coupon that is in the sales flyers that were in stores through today and in the new ones that just arrived in the mail and will be in stores Thursday (July 2) through Wednesday (July 8).

They seem to be in sales flyers at all Columbus area stores. And they've been mentioned in radio and TV ads this week.

Giant Eagle does not limit how many new/transferred prescriptions you bring them using these coupons. Just make sure you have a separate coupon for each that hasn't expired.

Latest ones (appearing in stores tomorrow -- July 2) expire July 29.

Where else can you use these?
CVS will give you $20 gift card for these and Kroger will give you $30 Rx Rewards (with limitations ... up to one a day ... up to certain # per customer/lifetime; see

Target $10 gift card with new/transferred prescription

Target's usual Rx coupon is in their sales flyer this week (that came out in the Sunday newspaper and is available in stores through July 4 at the customer service counter).

$10 gift card for EACH new or transferred prescription you bring them with a coupon. Multiple prescriptions require multiple coupons, of course.

Giant Eagle, CVS, and Kroger also accept these. See for details.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Updated matrix of which pharmacies accept competitor coupons

Lots of things have changed since I last updated the matrix of which central Ohio pharmacies accept competitor coupons.

You can find the new version here:

Giant Eagle
takes all competitor coupons with NO LIMITATIONS again.

CVS takes all competitor coupons. And they will take them not only when you bring them a new or transferred prescription (or whatever it says on the coupon). They want to keep you there. So they'll accept these coupons for refills too so you won't be as likely to transfer away the month after arriving.

However, CVS does have some LIMITATIONS and RESTRICTION (at least that what was introduced recently at the CVS nearest my home):

* Walgreen's coupons are only accepted every 6 months (or once per transaction -- one per day; depending on pharmacist you ask) based on the "One Per Customer" wording on coupon and the fact that Walgreen's only accepts these every 6 months. Kind of makes sense -- why should they have to take them more often than the competitor that printed them? However, Giant Eagle will take as many of these as I bring them. Thus, I've canceled the auto refills I had started at CVS when they started this program and transferred most of my prescriptions to Giant Eagle to use my Walgreen's coupons for gift cards at Giant Eagle.

* Another limitation is they give $20 gift cards at CVS for the Giant Eagle Rx coupons worth up to $30 when you use them at Giant Eagle or take them to Kroger. Their rationale is that most people can't fit more than 20 gallons in their car. One pharmacist offered to honor more than $20 even the full $30 if I could bring in a receipt for gas that showed I'd filled up with 20 to 30 gallons of gas.

Kmart $10 gift card; expires July 3; new/transferred Rx

Kmart sales flyers that were in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper on Sunday contained a coupon on page 25 for a $10 gift card with a new or transferred prescription. In some stores, you may find stacks of these flyers. Other stores accept them: Giant Eagle, CVS, Kroger.

One certificate per customer (although some pharmacists at Kmart will allow more than one per week).

Expires July 3.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Giant Eagle $30 value for new/transfer; expires July 8

Several Columbus area locations of Giant Eagle have the $1 off per gallon of fuel (FuelPerks) coupon in their sales flyer this week ... available through Wednesday. But last week some locations ran out so grab 'em now. You qualify for up to $30 in savings with each new/transferred prescription you bring them with one of these coupons.

This week's coupon expires July 8, 2009.

I verified in person they are available at the Giant Eagle closest to where I live -- the "Upper Arlington" location (at Sawmill and Bethel). If they're out at the door, ask at service counter.

You can look at to find location(s) closest to you and click on "View Weekly Specials" and then flip to page 16 to see if there's a coupon showing. Recently, I've noticed some discrepancies between whether the coupon shows online and whether it was on flyer in store. Sorry about that.

Also, keep in mind that other pharmacies will accept these: CVS will give you about $20 gift card (not good for pharmacy co-pays), Kroger will give you $30 Rx Rewards (at least a few times; I've heard they ban some people from redeeming pharmacy coupons there after some limit ... if not ban you from their store completely).

There's a matrix/table of who takes what (and who has certain limitations and hassles) when it comes to taking competitor coupons. I need to update a few things on that chart:

* Giant Eagle no longer has limitations (at least in Central Ohio) on number of a certain competitor's coupon they take. They used to limit it to ONE per coupon apperance (for example if Target had one expiring in June and another expiring in August, you could use one of each or two total during that time but need to wait for one expiring later than August to use a third). Thankfully, they got rid of that policy a few months ago. But it was the same time that CVS started honoring coupons of competitors every month (no transfer necessary; they wanted to keep you there). However, at least some locations have gotten more selective about HOW MANY of certain competitor's coupons they will take in a given time period ...

* CVS (at least certain locations in Central Ohio where the "No need to transfer to use a competitor's coupon here; just get a refill and use it" -- my wording) recently began to LIMIT some coupon acceptance. Walgreen's coupons (because Walgreen's will only honor 1 of their own every 6 months) are now only accepted by CVS once every 6 months ... or ONE per transaction ... or ONE per whatever ... depending on which of their pharmacists/managers/locations you check with. Too confusing/annoying for me: So I just take my Walgreen's coupons to Giant Eagle now. And instead of getting refills at CVS every month as I had been for several months (no Rx Ping Pong required), I've transferred most of my Rx to their competitors now. Besides, there's only so much merchandise at CVS I want/need to buy with gift cards when they insist on not allowing the gift cards to be used for co-pays (as they sometimes do).

Here's what the back page of sales flyers with the coupon look like this week:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Giant Eagle up to $30 in free gas; expires 7/1/09

Some locations of Giant Eagle in the Columbus area have a coupon on the back page of their sales flyer this week (available in stores through next Wednesday) that is redeemable for up to $30 in free gas.

For each new/transferred prescription you bring them with one of these coupons, you earn $1 in FuelPerks. You also earn FuelPerks on the copays and groceries you buy (20 cents per $50). And when you get your free gas, you earn FoodPerks -- every 10 gallons is worth 1% off groceries (up to 20% off $300 or $60 in grocery savings).

How cool is that? ;-)

To check the sales flyer of stores near you, click "View Weekly Specials" link beside the stores in your area on this page:

Other stores accept these coupons too: CVS, Kroger

Giant Eagle does not impose any limit of how many you can use per day, per week, per month, per life, etc.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kmart $10 gift card with new/transfer (expires June 6)

In the Kmart sales flyer this week is a coupon for a $10 gift card with the purchae of a new or transferred prescription.

Expires June 6, 2009.

One per customer.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kmart $10 gift card for new/transferred Rx

The Kmart sales flyer (at least in the Columbus, Ohio, area) this week has a coupon worth a $10 gift card if you bring it and a prescription to them -- new or transferred from another pharmacy (other than another Kmart pharmacy).

It was available in Sunday newspaper and also in the pile of flyers near entrance of stores this week (probably through Saturday, April 25).

It's not on the front or back page and it's not a wrap-around short page ad like they often use. It's on page 22 next to some closeout/clearance electronics stuff and under a promotion for footwear (buy one, get one 1/2 off ;-).

As a reminder, several other pharmacies accept coupons from competitors. See the list --> .

Coupon expires 5/9/09.

The gift card can be used for NON-Pharmacy merchandise. (Some competitors will give you a gift card that does NOT have this limitation -- Giant Eagle, for example; others do copy the NON-Pharmacy merchandise or NOT-FOR-USE-WITH-CO-PAYS "fine print" of competitor coupons that list that fine print ... CVS, for example).


Monday, April 6, 2009

Target: $10 gift card with new/transferred prescription

Target sales flyers (in Sunday newspapers yesterday and available at customer service counter in stores this week) include a coupon for:

$10 gift card

For each coupon and prescription you take them (new or transfer), you can get $10 gift card. No limit on how many prescriptions you bring them. Just make sure you have a coupon for each.

Expires 4/20/2009.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last call for Rx coupons at Giant Eagle today (3/25)?

After looking through the online sales flyers at most Giant Eagles in central Ohio, it looks like those coming out on Thursday (March 26) will *NOT* have Rx coupons. So, if you need some in the next few weeks, be sure to stop by TODAY (March 25) at locations such as Steltzer that did have them in this week's sales flyer.

Expiration is April 15, 2009 in the sales flyer that will disappear tonight.

Click on "View Weekly Specials" in this list and then go to page 9 (of 12). If your location only has an 8-page sales flyer, then sorry that location doesn't have one. Or at least that's been the case in the past. Perhaps they've changed what they post online so people can't as easily find which locations DO and DO NOT have these each week.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Giant Eagle up to $30 for new/transferred Rx (Expires 4/15/09)

In sales flyers of SOME locations of Giant Eagle in central Ohio this week (3/19-3/25), there is an Rx coupon worth up to $30 in free/discounted gas (or $1 in FuelPerks for each prescription you bring them ... as long as you have a separate coupon for each). CVS (some locations) also accepts these coupons and with their new policy will let you use the coupon to get refills as well (so you won't transfer them away from CVS after you take business to them). However, most CVS stores will give you just $20 credit for the Giant Eagle coupon. But this is as a gift card you can use in multiple transactions.

For Details, see earlier posting about use of Giant Eagle coupons and how to find out online which locations have them this week (or will have them ... perhaps ... next week).

Kmart $10 gift card with new/transferred prescription (Expires 4/11/09)

In sales flyers at Kmart this week (through today -- 3/21/09), there's a coupon as part of a short sheet wrapped around center pages. Says one certificate per customer -- however your Kmart (or other) pharmacist might interpret this. Also, in the fine print: Retail/insurance reimbursed value of the prescription must exceed the value of the gift card offer to qualify for the full value of the offer.

Friday, March 13, 2009

No need to transfer with CVS: They'll accept competitor coupons to not leave them!

CVS (at least some of those in the Columbus, Ohio, area) have started the best deal I've ever seen when it comes to Rx Coupons.

When I asked Giant Eagle to transfer three of my prescriptions from CVS, I got a phone call later from CVS asking if it was to use a coupon. When I said, "Yes," they informed me that not only do they take competitor coupons when new/transferred prescriptions are brought to them but also:

That CVS will now accept any local competitor's coupon for any of the three situations:
-- NEW prescription (if that's what coupon mentions)
-- TRANSFERRING a prescription to CVS (if it's not already at CVS)
-- NOT TRANSFERRING !!!!!!! (to keep you from transferring to a competitor to redeem that coupon).

Wow!!! I couldn't believe it when they called me and said they would honor the competitor's coupon to NOT TRANSFER my business away for one month (at which time I would have transferred it back ... even if I didn't have a coupon ... just because I liked them best lately in the area of town where I now live).

Now, I'll have to update my rankings of the "Best and Worst Pharmacies to take Rx Coupons (theirs and competitors)" as well as the Rx Coupon Matrix.

It will be interesting to see if any of their competitors adjust their policies to be more competitive or as competitive.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Giant Eagle Rx coupons THIS WEEK & NEXT (up to $30; new/transferred)

Giant Eagle has in the sales flyers of a few central Ohio stores that wonderful Rx coupon we all love so much: Their usual $1 in GasPerks for each new/transferred prescription you bring them (as long as you have a coupon for each). That's up to $30 in free/discounted gas.

* "Check to see if the Giant Eagle near you (or one not too far a drive) has the coupon this week ... or in next week's that comes out on Thursday. The new one is an 8-page flyer in some locations and the coupon appears on page 9 -- what will be the wrap-around piece to become the bottom of the front page.

* "Map of Giant Eagle locations that had Rx coupons in February. At least the Steltzer Road location has them this week and in their upcoming sales flyer for March 12 to 18. The East Whittier location no longer had them this week. Haven't checked on upcoming week. Enjoy the hunt online. And then thank Giant Eagle by doing a lot of shopping for groceries and other household items while you're there.

If you already have your prescriptions at Giant Eagle, you could still make some money off these coupons. Some of their competitors take them too -- for $20 to $30 in gift cards or RxRewards.

For example:

Ask the pharmacist at Kroger for details ... and some of the other pharmacies listed at:

* "Which pharmacies accept which coupons?" [The Matrix]

* "Which pharmacies are best (and worst) about accepting Rx coupons (theirs & competitors)?"

Just make sure you transfer them back later to Giant Eagle -- as a thank you for having more Rx coupons than any other store in town ... and for some more FuelPerks when you transfer them back with a coupon from their competitor! ;-)

And for tips on maximizing your potential savings on your prescription co-pays (especially those who hold off on buying essential drugs because they can't afford them under their new, tighter budgets), check out:

* "How to play Rx Ping-Pong to maximize your Rx co-pay savings (with cautions)

Take care
& be healthy,

Target coupon for $10 gift card (for each new/transferred Rx)

Target has an ad in this week's sales flyer (distributed with Sunday newspapers and available at the customer service counter -- at most, you have to ask for one ... and will only get ONE at a time usually).

Their pharmacies are usually glad to take as many prescriptions and transfers as you bring them and will give you a $10 gift card for each one as long as you have a COUPON for each one. Get to know your neighbors and ask them to put those aside before recycling day (oops, that's tomorrow in my neighborhood ;-).

To maximize your savings and have the most pleasant experience possible, see:

* "Which pharmacies accept which coupons?" [The Matrix]

* "Which pharmacies are best about accepting Rx coupons (theirs & competitors)?"

* "How to play Rx Ping-Pong to maximize your Rx co-pay savings (with cautions)

NOTE: Target no longer accepts competitor coupons.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Giant Eagle has Rx coupons in new sales flyer in some stores 2/26 to 3/4 (expires 3/25)

Yahoo! My "Weekly Specials" email from Giant Eagle just alerted me to some good news that will be in the sales flyer to debut on Thursday (Feb. 26) at some central Ohio locations:

* Mix & Match 10 for $10 (sound familiar? ;-)
* Buy 1 get 1 free on some meat (nom, nom)
* And, most importantly ...

Rx COUPON worth up to $30 in free/discounted gas for each NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription you take them. Other pharmacies also accept these (giving $20 to $30 gift card or Rx Rewards) as detailed in "Which pharmacies accept competitors' coupons?" list.

To see if the Giant Eagle near you has the coupon, go to the Giant Eagle locations list and then click on "Weekly Specials" link to right of the address. You'll see this week's flyer at first (until Thursday 2/26). To the left, you'll see a link to "next week's" specials/flyer. Click on that. And then go to p. 16 and flip back to p. 13 to see if you see an Rx coupon there. It's where you'll find it in most. The Lancaster one is sometimes on the back page or front page. If your "Weekly Specials" sales flyer only has 12 pages instead of 16, sorry ... yours isn't as special as some and does not have the wrap-around short sheet with the Rx coupon appearing at bottom of front page of the printed version (hidden on p. 13 on most electronic copies).

Here's a map of Giant Eagle locations that recently had these coupons (usually only about 7 of the 25 central Ohio locations have them). A smaller version of it is in the right column on this page.

Expires 3/25/09. These should appear in stores on Thursday morning (2/26).

Most Giant Eagle locations will allow you to transfer to them or bring as many new prescriptions as you want (and use a coupon for each one; just make sure you have a separate coupon for each one; and don't try to use the one at Hayden & Cosgray in "Dublin" more than once per prescription per year as the pharmacist or general manager there seems to have made up their own limitations).

Walgreen's coupon for $25 gift card with Rx transfer

In the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday, Feb. 22, there was a Walgreen's sales flyer with an Rx coupon for a $25 gift card for a TRANSFER of a prescription.

Walgreen's is very restrictive with their coupons. This one indicates limit ONE per customer. And they indicate that any customer who has redeemed a Walgreens prescription offer in the last 6 MONTHS is not eligible.

However, you can use these at other pharmacies. Some may hold you to the 6-month limit indicated in the terms while others will not. See this "Which pharmacies take competitors' coupons" list.

It expires 5/24/09. If you missed the Sunday newspaper, you can still buy it at Giant Eagle throughout the week. Also the sales flyers are available through Saturday (Feb. 28) at the entrance to most central Ohio Walgreen's locations.

It's wrapped around the outside. They may be missing from the first several in stack as people grabbed a few extra.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Up to $30 savings with Giant Eagle Rx coupon

The "Weekly Specials" sales flyers that came out at several Giant Eagle groceries in central Ohio TODAY (and will be in stores through next Wednesday) contain an Rx coupon.

Earn $1 in FuelPerks (up to $30 in free/discounted gas) with each new/transferred prescription you bring WITH a coupon. For 3 prescriptions, you'll need 3 coupons. Transfers from other Giant Eagles don't count.

The map to the right shows which locations had sales flyers WITH Rx coupons last week. Larger map at: .
The first few I've checked have them again this week. To check locations closer to you, go to and click on "Weekly Specials" link to view the sales flyer at that store. Coupons for most that have them are on p. 13 (or p. 16 -- Lancaster).

To see what other pharmacies accept these coupons (and with what limitations/hassles if any), see the Rx Coupons Matrix at: .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Target coupon for $10 gift card for new, transferred prescription

Target sales flyers this week (included with Sunday's Columbus Dispatch ... and most other Sunday newspapers in region) have a coupon worth a $10 Target gift card for EACH new or transferred prescription you bring them. A coupon is required for each. If you need more than one, ask the customer service counter and/or pharmacy whether they have an extra sales flyer or two you can have.

Target does NOT limit how many of their own coupons you use -- beyond ONE per prescription. And, of course, transfers only count if it's from a competitor (not another Target location). They do NOT take competitor coupons.

Several pharmacies also accept Target coupons. See .

Monday, February 16, 2009

Giant Eagle Rx coupons -- WHERE to find them

The following Giant Eagle locations in Central Ohio have Rx coupons on the back page (p. 16) of their sales flyers this week (available through Wednesday) as shown in Google customized map at right and at:

280 E. Whittier Street
Columbus, OH 43206

3841 S. Hamilton Road
Groveport, OH 43125

6700 Hayden Run Road
Dublin, OH 43016

4780 West Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43228

2900 Stelzer Road
Columbus, OH 43219

5461 New Albany Rd. W
New_Albany, OH 43054

At the following location (having a Grand Opening Sale), the $1 Gas Perks for New/Transferred Prescription coupon says it's only redeemable at Lancaster Giant Egle Pharmacy:

1394 Ety Shops Way
Lancaster, OH 43130

However, there's also a $5 off $50 grocery purchase coupon -- excluding prescriptions, gas, etc. -- that's also on back page; and it doesn't show location limitation (just a "limit one per customer" limitation).

On Wednesday night, you should be able to visit this web page -- -- to look at the upcoming Weekly Specials (in sales flyer coming out Thursday) to see if coupons are still in new flyers coming out .. and whether other locations closer to you might have an Rx coupon in the next edition.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Giant Eagle $1 in GasPerks (save up to $30) for prescription (new/transfer)

If you're looking for a coupon TODAY, some locations of Giant Eagle have them in their sales flyers available in the store.

Look at and click on "View Weekly Specials" to see if the coupon appears in the sales flyer of a store near you.

The 2/5-11 flyer has the coupon on Page 4. It expires 3/5/2009.

The 2/12-18 flyer has the coupon on the back page of the wrap-around -- Page 16. It expires 3/11/2009.

It's good for NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription.

Some locations of CVS and Kmart also accept these.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Giant Eagle $1 in FuelPerks (up to $30 savings) for each new/transferred prescription

Save up to $30.
Coupon is good for NEW and TRANSFERRED prescriptions.
Expires: 2/11/09

Giant Eagle's sales flyers this week (Thursday, Jan. 15 to Wednesday, Jan. 22) available in some of its Central Ohio stores contains their usual incentive to TRANSFER or bring NEW prescriptions to their pharmacy. For each coupon you redeem with prescriptions you bring them, you earn $1 in FuelPerks. So, right now, TWO prescriptions would earn you enough FuelPerks to fill up your gas tank for free. And they don't mind if you bring gas cans to get the rest of your 30 gallons of free gas. So that's about $60 you save for starters. Also, if you spent let's say $50 on those prescriptions, you also earned another 20 cents in FuelPerks just for the money you spent (like when you buy groceries). And, every time you pump a gallon of gas (even if it's free), you earn 0.1% toward your FoodPerks discounts. So, 10 gallons = 1% to use whenever you want for a big purchase. And you can let that FuelPerks build up until you get to a maximum of 25% discount. You can use this against a purchase of up to $300. Thus, there's another $60 savings.

To find whether stores near you have coupons in their weekly specials flyer, visit "Giant Eagle Rx Coupon Finder" ( From there, go to the store nearest you (listed alphabetically by location) and then click on link for "View Weekly Specials." Go to page 16. If there's a coupon at the bottom, you win! If not, try another one a little further from you. Those stores listed in a previous posting are most likely to have them this week.

Where else can you use these coupons? See previous post.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kmart: $30 gift card for 2 new/transferred prescriptions

Kmart has in their sales flyer this week (available when you walk in the door) a wrap-around half-sheet ad for their pharmacy that boasts on the front a coupon/certificate good for a free $30 gift card with the purchase of 2 new or transferred prescriptions.

Valid only 1/11/09 to 1/17/09 (what? come on, Kmart, it's hard enough for most people to have ONE prescription that might be ready to transfer or renew this week ... but TWO? at least set an expiration that's 15 days later ... as Target does ... or 3 or 4 weeks away as Giant Eagle usually does).

Limitations: It says on the certificate "ONE CERTIFICATE PER CUSTOMER." But your local Kmart pharmacist might let you use a second one if you have 4 prescriptions ready to move her/his way. Just ask. And don't try to use them both the same day.

Target: $10 gift card with new, transferred prescription

Target has one of their usual coupons that offers a $10 gift card for any NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription you bring them. They have no limits on # you can redeem (even all at the same time ... same day ... same visit). Just make sure you have a coupon for each prescription you bring them.

Expires: 1/26/09

Which other pharmacies accept these? See previous posting.

And their prescription bottles & labels are very cleverly designed.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Giant Eagle coupon worth up to $30 (accepted by Wal-Mart & CVS)

Giant Eagle has again included a coupon for $1 in FuelPerks for each new/transferred prescription you bring them (as long as you bring a separate coupon for each). See previous postings for some other restrictions at some other locations.

Value = Up to $30.
Expires Feb. 4, 2009

Which of the 20+ Central Ohio Giant Eagle locations have these coupons in their sales flyer this week? At least the one on Whittier. Use the "Giant Eagle Coupon finder" -- -- to click on "View weekly specials" link at store closest to you to see if Page 12 (back page) has the coupon or just a smiling pharmacist. Then click on others further from you until you find one. They are typically at entrance to store (though Hilliard one keeps the coupons behind the service counter usually).


WAL-MART. I found out that Wal-Mart (at least one on Bethel near Sawmill) accepts these and you can use mutliple ones in one visit (as long as the coupon doesn't say anything about "one per visit/transaction" as Walgreen's coupons do. One thing Wal-Mart does, though, with competitor coupons is only give a gift card UP TO the amount you pay as a co-pay. Thus, a $30 coupon for a drug that you pay $18.50 co-pay only gets you gift card of $18.50. But if you have a $60 co-pay (or any amount at or above $30), you get the full $30 gift card. I was pleasantly surprised with how courteous and prompt their service was at Wal-Mart -- a pharmacy I hadn't used until just recently.

CVS. At least some of the ones I've tried will take them. One said they only give $20 for this particular one because most cars only hold 20 gallons or less. But if I brought in a receipt for buying 30 gallons of gas in one transaction, he'd give me the full $30.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New year starts with new Giant Eagle coupon

Sales flyers at some locations of Giant Eagle in Central Ohio came out on Jan. 1 that have on the back page their usual coupon -- $1 in GasPerks for each NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription you bring to them.  That's up to $30 in free or discounted gas.  And some other pharmacies will honor this with a $30 gift card (see previous entry on this blog).

For more details see the entry below made about the coupon they had last week.  Only thing that's different about the coupon is it expires a week later -- 1/28/09.

Where can you find it?  
Well, at least the Giant Eagle in Hilliard/Dublin area -- Hayden & Cosgray -- has it.  I haven't verified which other stores have the coupon this week.  You can check stores nearest you by clicking on the "Giant Eagle Rx coupon finder" and then on that page that opens, click the "View weekly specials" link beside store closest to you. Then go to page 16 (back page) to see if there's a coupon there or just the smiling pharmacist (like the one that came to my mailbox). If no coupon, try the link beside some other locations.  

Your best bet is probably those I found last week -- listed in previous entry here.