Monday, March 29, 2010

Kmart: $25 for each transfer (up to $100 for 4); $10 for new prescription

Kmart's sales flyers this week in Sunday's newspaper (yesterday) and in stores all week again have TWO coupons worth up to $110 in Kmart gift cards (for bringing them a total for 5 prescriptions -- 4 transfers, and 1 new script).

Receive up to $25 for each prescription you TRANSFER to Kmart.  There are four lines on the coupon; as long as total cost is $25 or more (copay plus the amount the insurance pays), you get full $25.  If it's less, the gift card is for the amount of the total (not just your copay amount).  And, you can bring 1, 2, 3, or 4 to them.  For four, the total is $100.

If you happen to have a brand NEW prescription from doctor to turn in, you can qualify for another $10 gift card.

Expiration: 4/17.

Want to use them elsewhere?  CVS is best place to take them.  Strict limitations apply at Giant Eagle and Kroger -- see .

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kmart has 2 coupons: One for up to $100 and other for $10

Both coupons are good through 3/27/2010.  These are in sales flyers in stores this week (and that were in the newspaper on Sunday).

First one gives up to $100 in Kmart gift cards for transferred prescriptions.  Value of prescription needs to be a total of $25 or more to get full $25 per prescription.

This includes co-pay and whatever the insurance pays combined.  If total is less, they'll still give you gift card for whatever the total cost was (with $5 copay and $12 paid by insurance, the total is $17 and that's what they'll give you as gift card).

The second coupon is for NEW prescription.  It's worth up to $10.  Same calculation for maximum value as just described.

Target $10 gift card with NEW or TRANSFERRED Rx

Usual Target coupon for $10 gift card with new or transferred prescription.  These are in sales flyers in stores this week (and that were in the newspaper on Sunday).

Expires: 3/22/10

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Giant Eagle (Lancaster, Ohio): Earn up to $30 in free fuel with each new/transferred Rx

Giant Eagle in Lancaster (Ohio) has a coupon in the sales flyer that is online now and will be showing up in the store on Thursday (March 4).

For EACH *NEW* or *TRANSFERRED* prescription you take them with a coupon, you earn $1 in Giant Eagle FuelPerks. Each $1 in FuelPerks is worth up to $30 in free or discounted gas. For example, $2.50 in FuelPerks would earn you a free fill up (up to 30 gallons) right now. Not only do you earn points for the coupons but also for all grocery purchases and the amounts you pay as co-pays. For each $50 you spend, you earn 20 cents in FuelPerks. And they're good for at least 90 days.

Expires 3/24/10.

The sales flyer should be in the store through next Wednesday (March 10).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Target's new Rx coupon requires sign up for AUTO REFILL

This week's Target sales flyer includes a coupon (on page 18) that says:

FREE $10 Target GiftCard
* With purchase of prescription and
* Sign up for auto refill

Expires 3/15/2010.

Not valid for medications not eligible for auto refill (such as "controlled substances" -- sleeping pills, etc.).

Not clear whether this requires NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription (as it just says "purchase of prescription") so perhaps a REFILL at same location will be OK as long as you sign up for AUTO REFILL. Ask your Target pharmacist. The fine print DOES say, though, that TRANSFERS from other Targets don't qualify. But maybe they were just copying their usual fine print and not thinking about how this new twist with the auto refill and the impact of the rewording of "purchase of new or transferred prescription" to simply "purchase of a prescription."

If you use them at a store that takes competitor coupons, they probably won't notice and will just give you a $10 gift card regardless whether you sign up for auto refill. For list of those who take competitor coupons see: .