Friday, August 8, 2014

Giant Eagle: Up to $30 in FREE gas for EACH Rx transfer to 9/30/2014

Giant Eagle has brought back their Rx coupon in the sales flyers that arrived in Columbus, Ohio, area stores on Thursday (Aug. 7,2014).

"Earn up to $30 in FREE FUEL on a transferred prescription," it says. Doesn't expire until September 30, 2014.

* No limit on how many prescriptions you can transfer from competitors and use a separate coupon on. No one-a-day limit any more. They even let you use these on generics they sell at $4. The FREE. Meds are excluded, of course, as are Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance plans.

If you don't have a coupon, ask them to match the no-coupon-required $1 off gas deal Kroger a pharmacy is offering through 8/23/2014.

Other ways to save @ Giant Eagle featured below (including FREE blod pressure medicine such as Lisinopril and Lisinopril HCTZ):

Kroger: $1 off per gallon of gas for prescription transfer

No coupon needed.

Kroger in Columbus,,Ohio, is promoting via postcard mailer this week that they are again offering a $1 discount per gallon of gas for a prescription transfer. 

Expires Aug. 23, 20014. Bunch of fine print so small I can't read it with just glasses. Larger fine print says: "Restrictions may apply. See Pharmacy for details."  That may mean limit one per transaction, day, week, month, year, customer (with lifetime limit reached at some point).

You can also bring a coupon from the Giant Eagle sales flyer for $1 off gas as Kroger still claims, "We Accept Competitor Coupons." (they did remove the word "Gladly" from that claim. ;-)

Fine print (zoomed larger on iPad) mentions "Offer cannot be used with other pharmacy discount programs." This likely means generics offered at $4 for 30 days and $10 for 90 days (even without insurance) are NOT eligible to use this $1 off gas. Giant Eagle does NOT exclude their $4 or $10 drugs from receiving $1 discount on transferred prescriptions.

Also, remember that Giant a eagle lets you add up FuelPerks to a FREE fill-up ... not just a max of $1 off as Kroger does most of the year (or $2 when they occasionally let you get up to 2x that limit).