Sunday, February 26, 2012

$25 incentive to transfer extends past Leap Day to March 31

Ads on front page of Kroger sales flyer this week (and last week) as well as ads on front page and back page (A12) of The Columbus Dispatch by Kroger indicate they are still hoping to lure those shopping for a new pharmacy.

Reminder: Giant Eagle will accept these under their competitor match program (one per day) as listed at . It's OK to transfer 7 and use 7 coupons (or ads) as long as you split it up into 7 daily visits. CVS is less accommodating about these "coupon-less" ads than Giant Eagle ... at least at some locations and with some pharmacists, interns, techs and clerks.

The offer is for $25 in Rx Rewards (at Kroger -- added to Plus card) or for $25 gift card where competitor match is offered.

Offer extended to expire March 31, 2012.

It's a wise move by Kroger as those who had to transfer away from Walgreens in January because it would no longer accept Express Scripts insurance may not be happy at the first or second pharmacies thhey've tried -- CVS, Giant Eagle, or even Kroger (on first try ... hoping for a second chance).

I've found the location and pharmacist is much more important than the company usually in finding the best pharmacy experience. Just avoid, if you cab, using the mail order service of Express Scripts. They are so horrible in so many ways. I'm starting a separate blog to count the ways (and point to the plethora of gripes you'll find elsewhere about them).

Be well medicated, for less.