Sunday, March 31, 2013

Walgreens: $25 gift card for "EVERY" Rx transfer

As mentioned in last posting, Walgreens sales flyer in stores through yesterday featured the return of a coupon/ad with the word "EVERY."

And, in the new sales flyer out in today's Sunday newspaper (and in stores 3/31 to 4/6), it's still there.  On page 7.

Expires 5/31/2013.  These are also accepted at Giant Eagle, CVS & Kroger. [See last posting for details about which hassle you least/most ... and/or add arbitrary limitations ... despite their pledge to gladly accept competitors coupons.]

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Walgreens: The word "EVERY" returns in newest Rx xfer coupon

Walgreens: Rx Coupon in this week's sales flyer (in stores til close tonight) offers $25 gift card for "EVERY" prescription transfer.

The word had dropped out of previous coupon and signs promoting it had disappeared ... and one reader posted in comments that they were told they only get ONE gift card per LIFEtime.  They've ranged from EVERY prescription transfer gets to use coupon and get gift card to ONE per 6 MONTHS ... to more absurd limitations (similar to Kroger's lifetime max out after some arbitrary point).

Another place that accepts these (and all other competitors' Rx coupons) and hassles you least:

--> Giant Eagle

Those that honor these but are known to hassle or limit redemption (more than indicated by competitor):


+ Kroger

Monday, March 25, 2013

Giant Eagle online coupon for up to $30 in gas discounts with Rx transfer; $25 gift card @ Kroger

Giant Eagle's website has a link to a coupon online you can download and print.
-->  Download Rx Coupon
  It's worth $1 in FuelPerks -- that's $1 off up to 30 gallons of gas (a $30 value) -- when you TRANSFER a prescription to their pharmacy.  At Giant Eagle, there's no limit on how many FuelPerks you can earn, so you can earn FREE gas.  You also earn points for the money you pay at the Pharmacy -- at 20 cents per $50 (at least in Columbus market; 10 cents per $50 in most others).  The offer online currently expires 4/3/2013.  They have lately been accepting a coupon for EVERY prescription transferred with no daily limits or other hassles.

CVS will likely NOT honor the online coupon.  They tend to only accept those printed in newspapers or sales flyers.


At the top right of The Columbus Dispatch (Sunday, March 24, 2013) was an ad that Kroger runs occasionally mentioning they'll give you $25 in Free Groceries if you transfer a prescription to them.  They're not real friendly about it though if you try to bring them more than one prescription and more than one coupon (per lifetime).  See details at .

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Walgreens $25 gift card for Rx transfer by 5/31/2013

In the Walgreens sales flyer this week -- in the Sunday newspaper (March 17, 2013) and in stores (through Saturday, March 23) -- there is again a coupon that says:

"Transfer a prescription to us and receive a FREE $25 Walgreens card."

This is the first time in a while they haven't included and emphasized the word "EVERY" and they took down the sign that mentioned that in the front window of the Walgreens at Henderson/Kenny in Columbus, Ohio.  So perhaps they're back to their old ways of trying to only honor ONE prescription with a gift card.  Not sure.  If you find out, please leave details with a comment (and specify which location you went to).

These are accepted by Giant Eagle, CVS, and Kroger (in most markets).

It's on Page 12.