Monday, September 30, 2013

Up to $30 in free/discounted fuel with each Rx transfer (expires 10/23/2013) @ Giant Eagle

This coupon is in sales flyers in Columbus area Giant Eagle stores through Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013.

Expires 10/23/2013.

Bring a coupon for each prescription you transfer and get $1 in extra FuelPerks.  That's on top of FuelPerks you earn on co-pays and all grocery purchases (20¢ per $50).

So three Rx transfers with three of these coupons can quickly add up to a FREE fill up!  You get up to 30 gallons at free/discounted price.  Doesn't max out at $1 in savings the way Kroger's points do.

And Giant Eagle is OK with you using gas cans to get the gallons that don't fit in your car.

Best Rx coupon ever!!!!! ;-)

And they don't limit how many you can bring -- per day, over transaction, per week, per month, per year ... as Kroger and some others are known to do.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Giant Eagle Rx coupon worth up to $30 in FREE/Discounted Fuel (expires Oct. 9)

Giant Eagle has another Rx coupon in their sales flyer this week (in stores through Wednesday, Sept. 18).

For each coupon and transferred prescription you bring them from a competitor, they give you an extra $1.00 in FuelPerks.  That's up to a $30 in savings in FREE or Discounted fuel.  You still receive 20 cents of FuelPerks per $50 in co-pays you spend at pharmacy as well ... plus any groceries you buy.  This applies to most retail gift card purchases too.

It appears these are in most, if not all, of the sales flyers for Giant Eagle and Giant Eagle Market District stores in the Columbus, Ohio, area. 

Expiration date is Oct. 9, 2013.

Some CVS stores will also honor these with $25 gift card.

Supposedly, Kroger will honor these as well with limitation -- one per day/week/month/year ... whatever that pharmacy's manager has decided is her/his policy.  They also sometimes set a lifetime limit on customers when it comes to whether they will extend their "We Gladly Accept Competitors Coupons" policy  at their pharmacy.