Sunday, September 21, 2008

Giant Eagle coupon good through Oct. 15

Just like the coupon mentioned in previous entry, Giant Eagle has a coupon available this week in their sales circular (at certain locations) that is worth $1 in fuel perks for each NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription (up to 30 gallons; thus, up to $30 value). This one also does not limit WHERE you can use it -- any Giant Eagle shoudl be happy to honor it. The expiration date is Oct. 15, 2008. When you open the wrap-around shorter page, it's on the page to the left. The one I found was at Dublin store on Permiter Loop (off Rt. 33 from I-270). The flyers should be available until Wednesday night (before new one arrives on Thursday).

As mentioned below, there are some other stores that will take competitors coupons, including Kroger (see details below) which will give $30 in Rx Rewards on your KrogerPlus card (they'll convert it into a gift card if you want to spend the $30 on gas).

My local Giant Eagle I just moved near (the "Upper Arlington" location near Sawmill and Bethel intersection) was affected pretty badly by the power outage this past week. One manager mentioned to me they'd lost about $300,000 in refrigerated/frozen stuff. I decided I should take it easy on them and just get a free fill up (15 gallons) without bringing my three 6-gallon cans to get the rest of the 15 free gallons that wouldn't fit in my little Honda ;-).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Giant Eagle gives $1 off gas (up to 30 gallons) for each new or xfr'd prescription

These coupons are only available in the weekly flyers at certain locations in Columbus, Ohio, area this week -- Thursday, Sept. 4 to Wednesday, Sept. 10.

But you can find them at the Giant Eagle in Dublin (on Perimeter Loop) and probably others that are either NEW locations or near NEW locations -- such as the Hilliard Giant Eagle.

Unlike some earlier ones that said they were only "valid" at certain locations (usually the NEW store), these do not limit the location ... they just don't hand them out everywhere in town.

The ones in this week's circular are good until October 1, 2008. For each new or transferred prescription, you earn $1 in FuelPerks. That means that 4 prescriptions transferred to Giant Eagle will definitely earn you a free fill up. And they are very cool about you bringing a few gas cans to get the rest of your "up to 30 gallons" when you come to get that free or discounted fill up.

Remember, you also earn 20 cents in FuelPerks for every $50 you spend too. So even 3 prescriptions that cost $150 would get you $3.60 off your gas (making it FREE today) as long as you use those coupons to transfer them.

Just used Giant Eagle to fill your last prescription? You can still utilize these coupons at Kroger locations (as long as you haven't gone beyond what they think is reasonable number of "get to know them" visits as described in their new "Rx Rewards Policy" -- be sure to ask for a copy of the full-page list of "fine print" they have attached in Columbus area to their claim they "Gladly accept all competitor's coupons" ... well, one a day, and only for so many times you come to visit, etc.

While you're shopping at Giant Eagle and getting free gas, if you have several prescriptions to pick up, you may want to use the coupon from Target as well for the $10 gift card. Giant Eagle will give you one of their $10 gift cards to match it. And I have never had Giant Eagle refuse a coupon from a competitor. There was one pharmacist who got picky about the language in one that vaguely said "bring it to us" or "transfer to us" instead of the usual language of "New or transferred" and he refused to let me use them on several NEW prescriptions I'd just dropped off. But, other than that (2 years ago?), no problems.

They are THE BEST place to take your prescription business ... and coupons from anywhere. They have the friendliest staff and pharmacists by far.

Get updates about new Rx coupons easier than ever

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If you use Twitter, you can now "follow" news about new Rx coupons by going to: and follow "RxCoupons" to get instant updates about new coupons.

Target coupon for $10 gift card w/new, xfer'd prescription

FREE $10 Target GiftCard with purchase of any new or transferred prescription.

These were in the Sunday newspaper (at least here in Columbus, Ohio) on September 7, 2008.

The coupon expires Sept. 22, 2008.

They have no limit on how many prescriptions per day you can transfer or use these coupons on.
Also, if you use your Target credit card, 10 prescriptions earns you a 10% off EVERTHING in the store "day of savings" discount card. And, on that day, you can buy prescriptions as part of what you get discounted (as long as you again use a Target card for the purchase).

Giant Eagle, Wal-Mart, CVS, and Kroger are known to accept these Target coupons -- matching the offer (with the only "bait and switch" being Kroger's insistence in the Great Lakes region -- most of Ohio/Michigan area -- that you only use ONE PER DAY ... despite their claim on signs and print ads that, "We gladly accept all competitors' coupons."

For pharmacy coupons, Target no longer matches any competitor's coupons.