Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kmart $10 gift card w/NEW or Transferred Rx; $25 w/transferred x 4

For third week in a row, the sales flyer at Kmart contains a coupon for $10 gift card with NEW or TRANSFERRED prescription to their pharmacy.

This week's coupon is in sales flyers that were in newspapers on Sunday and are still inside the stores on a stand near the entrance.

Valid through 11/14/09.

While you're visiting your local Kmart, check at the customer service counter and ask if they have any of the $25 Rx coupons. They have a brochure that says "Save up to $100" and inside is FOUR of these $25 Rx coupons good through the end of the year. These are only good for TRANSFERRED (not NEW prescriptions) unlike the $10 ones.

Most pharmacists at Kmart will take 4 of these $25 ones a month. Some more often.

On the $25 coupons, the fine print specifies that the COST of the prescription needs to exceed $25 to get the full amount; otherwise you get the COST of the prescription. And the COST is defined as total of the amount of co-pay (if any) plus what the insurer pays.

On the $10 coupons printed recently, they've gotten more picky and said that the CO-PAY needs to exceed the $10 gift card amount. Thus, if you are buying a $305 drug and you only have to pay $5 copay, they will only give you $5 gift card -- just like those who bought a $10 drug where they had a $5 copay.

Also, think twice before transferring to Kmart. If you need your drugs soon, chances are they won't have them that day. They have to order drugs half the time for me. I guess they try not to keep much in stock. And my most recent visit to Kmart, the pharmacist asked, "Why do you want to transfer? Did the pharmacist there do something wrong? No. Well, OK, I'll call these two stores and get them transferred and apologize for you that you're doing this to get a gift card from us. I'll probably be on hold with one for 20 minutes and the other for 15 minutes." Ummmm, OK. I know you are not a fan of these coupons your employer uses to get more business. But be happy you have a job, dude, especially with that attitude.

Also in the fine print on $10 coupon is "One per customer." If you catch the cooler pharmacist at Kmart, he's cool with you bringing one per week or one every day or every few days ... whatever.

Best thing to do with these? Take them to Giant Eagle, CVS, or Kroger. ;-)

And, remember, look for those brochures with the FOUR $25 coupons. If they're not at customer service counter or registers, ask at pharmacy. I saw a pile of them at the pharmacy and at the customer service desk at the Kmart on Bethel / Olentangy in Columbus.

Target $10 gift card

Sorry, this was in the Sunday newspaper 9 days ago ... and was in stores for the last day 3 days ago. But wanted to give Target credit for it. Expires Monday 11/2.

Usual $10 one. Check your recycling box. ;-)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Up to $30 savings for each new/transferred prescription to Giant Eagle

Sales flyers at a few locations of Giant Eagle in the greater Columbus area this week include a coupon worth up to $30 in free/discounted gas for each new/transferred prescription.

RESTRICTION: Good at newly-remodeled Blacklick location only.

Expires: 11/4/2009.

Target coupon today for $10 through Oct. 26

This week's TARGET sales flyer contains a coupon on page 6 that's worth a $10 gift card with purchase of any new or transferred prescription.

Coupon expires Oct. 26, 2009.

These are also accepted at Giant Eagle, CVS, Kmart (limited # per month) and Kroger (up to a lifetime limit in Ohio/Michigan region). For details, see http://matrix.Rx4Less.net .