Saturday, February 23, 2013

$25 for each Rx transfer to Walgreens, Kroger & more

$25 incentives to transfer prescriptions were all over The Columbus Dispatch on Sunday (Feb. 17) -- a Kroger ad on top right of the front page touted their offer and their usual promise to accept competitor coupons; and, inside the Walgreens sales flyer for this week was another of their coupons.

Extended Expiration Dates:
Walgreens extended their offer to the end of May.
Kroger's coupon-less offer is now good through the end of March.

Walgreens promises a $25 gift card for EVERY prescription you transfer.  Kroger has been known to limit to once per day (or worse -- sometimes saying one per week/transaction/whatever; with lifetime limits after a certain number; see, for details on how they are known to be
Rx Coupon Curmudgeons).  

The sales flyer for Walgreens is in stores through today (Saturday, Feb. 23).  The location at Kenny and Henderson has a sign in the window (that's been there for months) that also touts the "Get $25 Gift Card for EVERY prescription you transfer here" promise.  You can also sign up ONLINE to transfer to Walgreens (and get $25 gift card for each prescription transferred) at:

UPDATE (Feb. 24):   The new Walgreens sales flyer that came out today also has the same coupon in it (with the same 5/31 expiration date).

 Kroger also mentions their "Transfer a prescription, get $25 FREE Groceries!" deal in this week's sales flyer (distributed by the bag tossed on your driveway or doorstep or somewhere near your mailbox this week; I had several blow into my driveway each day this week).  Here's what was in that ad:

The Walgreens coupons are accepted at Giant Eagle and CVS (at least in the Columbus, Ohio, area).  Giant Eagle will accept the "coupon-less" Kroger ads as a coupon -- either the ad in the Kroger sales flyer or the ad from the Dispatch (even the little one at top of front page sometimes).  And Giant Eagle no longer limits you to using one Rx coupon per day (the way Kroger does).