Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kroger $25 free groceries with Rx transfer to 4/30

Kroger has been featuring their "Transfer a prescription, get $25 FREE groceries" promotion on the front of The Columbus Dispatch and in their weekly sales flyer -- including this week's in stores through Sunday (4/21).  In the fine print, it says the offer ends 4/30/2013. 

You likely don't need to bring a copy of this with you; just mention it to pharmacy clerk when transferring.  If you have more than one to transfer, ask of they'll give you the $25 gift with EACH transfer (as Giant Eagle will ... with their own & competitor coupons; and as Walgreens now does at most locations with their OWN coupons).

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Giant Eagle: Up to $30 in free/discounted fuel per Rx transfer

My favorite Rx coupon for free/discounted gas made a return in the Giant Eagle sales flyer that arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  It likely will be in most/many/some[?] C'bus, OH stores from April 4 to April 10.

With it, you earn an extra $1.00 in FuelPerks for each prescription you transfer to them (you'll need a separate coupon for each Rx; not valid for free Rx, of course).  You also earn 20¢ in FuelPerks for each $50 you spend on the prescriptions (co-pays, etc.), I think.

Expires 4/30/2013.

These are sometimes accepted by some CVS pharmacists -- matching with $10 to $30 gift card.  Others may ask you to bring gas receipt showing how many gallons your tank holds ... and granting you $1 on gift card per "proven" fuel capacity ... geez.  Others may totally refuse -- saying "We don't sell gas, so we can't match that one." (Similar to how one CVS pharmacy intern didn't want to honor a Kroger coupon offering $25 in "Free Groceries" -- claiming, "We can't match that because we don't sell groceries;" despite it saying "Foodmart" in giant letters on side of building and non windows of the CVS. Pllllease. )

Fill up on Rx and cheap/free gas.  There's no limit on how many FuelPerks you can earn -- up to and beyond FREE gas.  And they're cool if you bring gas cans to put those free/discounted gallons that didn't fit in your gas tank.

It's part of the Eagle Edge. ;-)