Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tips from "Grocery Coupon Guide" blog re: Rx coupons

Read tips from "Grocery Coupon Guide" blog about "Pharmacy Coupon Rewards" and how to find them ... as well as tips about asking doctor for NEW prescriptions more often (vs. one a year with lots of refills) as many of the coupons require purchase to be NEW if you want to avoid having to do the "Rx Ping-Pong" game of transferring your prescriptions from one pharmacy to another and then back to be "transfer eligible." (as described at

Also, they have another story about finding Prescription Drug Rx Coupons" issued by drug manufacturing companies. Some offer a significant discount on your co-pay (50%). There's a list in the story. They also point to a longer list of some that are available.

The story mentions that some of these are obtainable by asking your doctor, pharmacist, or visiting the website of the manufacturer of the medication.

Target $10 gift card with NEW or Transferred Rx, Expires 1/25/20101, no limits on #

Target sales flyers this week (in today's newspaper and available at customer service desk of stores until Saturday) contain a coupon that's worth:

$10 gift card with any NEW or Transferred prescription.

NO LIMITS on NUMBER of new/transferred prescriptions you can take to them ... make sure you have a coupon for each one. And, as it says on coupon, of course: "Limit one coupon per prescription." But if you take them 7 prescriptions (perhaps 5 transfers from some other chain plus 2 new scripts) and you bring 7 coupons, then they'll honor giving you $70 in gift cards. At least they've never hassled me whatsoever in that regard. In fact, they've consistently been the best about taking their own Rx coupons ... and not imposing ever-changing and often arbitrary restrictive policies (one per day, one per household, one per 6 months, one per transaction, or 3 to 4 per life). Thanks, Target! :-)

EXPIRES: 1/25/2010.

FINE PRINT: Just the "Limit one coupon per prescription and usual stuff about not valid with transfers from other Target locations and that they can't honor in states where illegal or where meds are paid for by government-subsidized plans."

WHERE ELSE CAN YOU USE THESE? CVS, Kmart, Kroger and Giant Eagle. Details about which pharmacies accept COMPETITOR coupons and with what policies/restrictions listed at

Kmart $10 gift card with NEW or Transferred Rx

Kmart sales flyers that came out today (in newspapers and available in rack at front of stores) have a wrap-around that sports on the front of it an Rx coupon.

For both NEW and Transferred prescriptions, you can use these to get a $10 gift card.

EXPIRES: 1/30/2010

LIMITATIONS: Says "Limit one certificate per customer;" however, most locations/pharmacists will let you use one per day/week ... especially if some of the drugs you're bringing them are $80 copays with your insurance paying the other $240 of that $320 drug.

FINE PRINT: "Gift card amount shall equal the amount paid for the prescription (co-pay plus amount billed to insurance).
---> So, if your co-pay is only $4 but you're buying a drug that costs $10 (or more) and the insurance is paying the rest, you still get the full $10 gift card. If co-pay is $5 and insurance is only having to pay another $1 on a $6 drug, you get a $6 gift card.

WHERE ELSE CAN YOU USE THESE? CVS, Giant Eagle, and Kroger. Details about which pharmacies accept COMPETITOR coupons and with what policies/restrictions listed at

Kroger $20 in groceries for transferred Rx, 1 per household

A 6-page Kroger Pharmacy flyer that says on the front "New Year, New You!" and "Find your Center for healthy living" was included in "The Bag" delivered last weekend. On the back page is an Rx coupon that says:

"Get $20 in free groceries when you transfer your prescription to Kroger!"

It also says: Bring this offer, along with your KrogerPlus card, to your local Kroger Pharmacy to redeem.

LIMITATIONS: "Limit (1) one per household.

EXPIRES: 1/30/2010

FINE PRINT: "No change given" ... which might mean that you need to use the full $20 credit all at once.

WHERE ELSE CAN YOU USE THESE? CVS, Kmart and Giant Eagle. Details about which pharmacies accept COMPETITOR coupons and with what policies/restrictions listed at