Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kmart: Up to $20 gift card for transfer

Kmart's sales flyer this week (available in Sunday newspaper and near customer service counter) contains an Rx coupon.

It's on the back of the short wrap-around.

Expires Nov. 30, 2010.

It says "limit one per customer;" however, most Kmart pharmacists will allow you to use more than one.  Plus, you can download from a page of 5 coupons for $20 that says they'll take up to 5 of them at once and give $5 for each one redeemed to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

These are also accepted at:
-- CVS
-- Giant Eagle
-- Kroger

Target: $10 gift card for NEW or Transferred prescription

Target's usual $10 gift card offer is in this week's sales flyer (in Sunday newspaper and available at customer service counter).

It's good for NEW prescriptions and transfers from stores other than Target.

Reminder:  Target does not limit how many prescriptions you can bring to them with coupons -- per day, week, life, etc.

These coupons are also accepted by:
-- Kmart
-- CVS
-- Giant Eagle
-- Kroger

Expires: Nov. 29, 2010.

Kroger: $25 in free groceries for transferred prescription or flu shot

A recent coupon that was in the "Bad Lady" ad bag in some areas of Columbus contained a coupon that offered something new from Kroger:

-- $25 in free groceries (not just for a transferred prescription) but also for getting a flu shot from them

These coupons were seen in the section that features Organic/Fresh Foods on front and OSU Tailgaiting on back.  Coupon usually inside back page.