Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FREE FILL UP of gas with 2 Rx transfers to Giant Eagle with 2 of these prescription coupons

Sales flyers that will appear Thursday (Jan. 22., 2015) in the Powell location of Giant Eagle (and perhaps others nearby) has an Rx coupon on the front that is worth up to $30 in fuel savings.

There's no daily limit. You can transfer 4 prescriptions with 4 of these coupons and get TWO free fill-ups. And just two right now should cover one fill-up.

Your co-pays and grocery and gift card purchases earn FuelPerks too -- 20 cents per $50 spent.

Best of all your FuelPerks don't expire until two months later (plus what's left of the current month). And there's no "Up to $1 off" per gallon limit as Kroger imposes. If you have enough FuelPerks to cover the cost per gallon, your fill-up is FREE. Plus you can get up tat 30 gallons. If it doesn't fit in your gas tank, you can put the rest in gas cans. They're cool with that. Just be careful.

These sales flyers should be in stores until next Wednesday.

The coupon expires Feb. 18, 2015.

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