Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kroger extends coupon-less $1 off gas deal for Rx transfer

In Kroger sales flyers this week, they included mention of the $1 off the price of gas for transferring a prescription from a competitor. Not sure how much longer they'll honor this promotion as there's no expiration date listed. At the end of the long and very small fine print, it just says "Limited time only."

Keep in mind that $1 off gas is the maximum savings at Kroger usually (and 35 gallons is the limit when you redeem the discount). Details below:

This is unlike Giant Eagle where your FuelPerks have no "Max out" and you can get a free fill up (and more -- up to 30 gallons total per redemption; what doesn't fit in your tank, you can put I nto gas cans ... if your car's tank is as small as mine). ;-) They're cool with that. Even the BMW SUVs up in Powell aren't too proud to fill 3 or 4 gas cans while getting free gas.

You can take the ad for this offer to a Giant Eagle pharmacy and have them match it. They make let you use more than one per day as well (the Kroger limit -- for their own Rx coupons and those of competitors).

These sales flyers should be in Kroger locations (at least many in northwest Columbus area) through Tuesday (Jan. 27, 2015).

As it says, "See Pharmacy for details." It's probably best to ask before transferring one whether the promotion has expired and what limits there are -- one per day ... one per month ... have you hit your lifetime Rx coupon limit Keoger imposes on some people?

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