Saturday, February 6, 2016

When you can't find Rx coupons, eBay is an option

Lately, I haven't seen many Rx coupons in the Columbus area. They're mostly just appearing in these places:

* Certain Giant Eagle locations or Kroger locations where they've remodeled and are trying to bring in more customers. That usually just lasts a few weeks. Even if you don't live near the new store, you might live close enough to get a sales flyer in the mail that promotes the new store -- especially if that new location became expanded into a "Market District" or "Marketplace."

* Meijer. They mostly print out as custom coupons at checkout. (But I hate shopping there ... almost as much as I dislike WalMart -- very few deals are worth waiting 10 minutes at the checkout).

* Kmart. Not one near me. Not a fan anyhow.

However, you can get some of these coupons and take them to a pharmacy that says they accept competitor coupons. Make sure that you're not buying a coupon of a Kmart if it's too far away to be considered by your local grocery pharmacy or CVS to be a "competitor."

You don't have to hunt these coupons down by going to a Meijer or Kmart. Thank goodness. ;-)

You can get them conveniently by searching on eBay. Usually they are over-priced but sometimes you can get a deal. An example:
Rx/prescription coupons search on eBay

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