Saturday, March 28, 2015

Transfer prescription to Kroger to get $1 off per gallon (no coupon needed; exp. April 18, 2015)

At Kroger pharmacies in Ohio (or at least in the Columbus and Cincinnati metro areas), you can save at the pump by transferring a prescription from a competitor. No Rx coupon is necessary. Just mention you saw an ad for $1 per gallon in fuel savings for transferring a prescription.

The ad was recently on the front page of some newspapers -- The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Kentucky Enquirer. And the Rx transfer incentive was also featured on a postcard mailed out to some areas of Columbus, Ohio. On that one, it show an expiration of April 18, 2015. It says in fine print it's accepted at locations "throughout central Ohio."

Mention this at Giant Eagle pharmacy and they will likely match the offer. Also Giant Eagle will likely not restrict you to ONE per day (... or worse ... as Kroger usually does). However, the wording on the front page of the Enquirer says the 1,000 points are earned for "each prescription transferred..." Before you transfer more than one to them, ask if there's a limit -- per day, per week, per offer, per lifetime. 

POSTCARD in Columbus, Ohio:

Fine print (and expiration date):

NEWSPAPERS in Greater Cincinnati area:

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