Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Coupon: $25 gift card @ Giant Eagle for Rx transfer; expires April 4,2015

Sales flyers arrive in the Powell, Ohio, location of Giant Eagle on Thursday (March 5, 2015) with an Rx coupon on the front that offers a $25 gift card. All you have to do is transfer a prescription from one of their competitors and present the coupon. They even reward you for those that are generics they sell for just $4. That seems too good to be true. :)

And they don't limit how many prescriptions you transfer to them and use a coupon on ... or how many you pick up in one day/transaction with coupons. As I mention at www.Rx4Less.net, they are without a doubt the BEST PLACE in Columbus, Ohio, to deal with on Rx coupons -- theirs and competitors. They're great about matching any offer by Kroger, Meijer, CVS, Target, etc.

Plus, their pharmacists and staff are much more friendly.

This coupon expires April 4, 2015.

Need to transfer back to Kroger or somewhere this month?
Kroger claims they will accept competitor coupons. You could take one of these there to see if the sign above the pharmacist is true. But they will likely limit you to ONE per day and other limitations/hurdles Giant Eagle will not put you through.

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