Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Transfer Rx to Kroger: Save $1 per gallon (up to $35 value)

Kroger's coupon-less Rx transfer incentive has shown up in Columbus, Ohio, again. This time it expires March 21, 2015.

Remember: Most locations will limit you to ONE per day. Ask your pharmacist for a copy of their prescription coupon policy (especially in regard to their claim of "We Gladly Accept Competitors Coupons"). It's a page long and subject to additional limitations and restrictions and whatever the pharmacist makes up on her/his own.

Refer to the mailing they sent out by postcard as shown below that had coupons attached.

Giant Eagle will likely match/beat this offer if you bring it up ... and allow you to use it for multiple Rx transfers (even their $4 generics) picked up at once. And the FuelPerks don't max out at $1 per gallon. You can get free fill-up @ Giant Eagle. Also the FuelPerks don't expire the next month like Kroger. You get until the end of the month TWO MONTHS AFTER the month in which you earn them.  So, FuelPerks earned today (March 3) would be good until the end of May. And, of course, your co-pays and other purchases count toward more FuelPerks at rate of 20 cents per $50 spent.

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